Care For Cancer

care_for_cancer.gifCare for Cancer is a locally based charity which provides information, advice and practical support to individuals and families who have been touched by cancer in mid and west Tyrone. The charity offers several services of which include:

  • An information library and advice in their resource centre.
  • The provision of transport to patients for hospital appointments, where regular transport is unavailable
  • A ‘be-friending’ and/or ‘sitting service’ to individuals and families
  • Grant aid to assist with nursing and support packages to enable patients to maintain a quality of life in their own home (in certain circumstances)
  • Free provision of recliner chairs
  • A support group to those living with cancer
  • Reflexology therapy for those living with cancer and their carers
  • Professional counselling for patients, family and friends.

If you would like further information from the Care for Cancer office you can phone or call into the

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office at: 1 Campsie Place, Omagh BT79 0FD Tel: 028 8224 6599